Thursday, June 17, 2010

Santa Cruz, CA engine woes

Santa Cruz certainly is a wonderful place to have our engine break down. Great weather, super friendly people and an amazing vibe.

Progress solving our engine woes has been slower that slow. Mostly related to sourcing a new engine at a reasonable price.

Today I pulled the engine out of the engine compartment and pulled the oil pan. To my utter surprise I found that it was not a rod bearing failure, but a crankshaft failure. The crank shaft is broken in half. Amazing the the engine did not completely self destruct and a testament to Kathy quickly shutting it down one the noise developed. A internet search revealed that a new crankshaft would cost $879 plus the numerous other ancillary parts required for a rebuild. Rebuilding is now definitely not a cost effective option given our desire to repower with bigger engines.

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