Sunday, July 18, 2010

Port Orford to Coos Bay, Oregon

July 18. 2010 11:30AM update
Day 1748
Position: 43°01'N 124°29' W
Underway from Port Orford, Oregon to Coos Bay, Oregon.

Wind forecast is for NW 10-20 knots. In reality we've seen a minimum of 16 knots and a max of 25 knots with strongest winds off Cabo Blanco. Rounding Cabo Blanco seas were a little bumpy, but posed not problem other than slowing us down to around 5 knots. Overall sea conditions are more moderate than expected so we're happy sailors and we are now making 6 knots against head seas, wind and current.

All morning we've been listening to USCG bar reports for Coos Bay and so far the only bar restrictions have been for vessels 16 feet in length and less. Hopefully, conditions hold and we'll be in Coos bay around 2:30PM.

Water temperature is currently a chilly 45.5 F.

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