Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Port Engine install overview

Our new Port side engine is about 95% installed... a very productive day. Only about 22 more items on my to do list before we are ready to test run the engine tomorrow.

Engine Replacement Overview

Hire mechanic to evaluate engine while still in boat.

Remove old engine due to suspected bad connection rod bearings.

Forensic investigaiton of engine revealed a broken crankshaft.

Consult with machine shop and mechanic to evaluate cost benefit of rebuilding existing engine.

Investigate feasibility and cost comparison of hauling out of water in California vs Oregon.

Attempt to source used or rebuilt engine.

Source used crankshaft for possible rebuild or to enhance marketability of broken engine.

Decide to sell engine on Craigslist at asking price of $750.

Sell engine within 12 hours of listing for the 'take it off my boat now price of $500' to first person to seem interested.

Investigate alternate engine options. Yanmar 3YM30 vs Volvo D1-30. Volvo had better features like NMEA 200o data bus and availability.

Cost benifit of Volvo vs. Yanmar considering haulout, transmission change, etc, etc. Yanmar wins.

Source Yanmar engine.... more than one week to find intersection of a dealer willing to sell AND with available stock AND at a competitive price.

Research propeller options, investigate propeller theory, contact boat designer, obtain propeller quotes.

Clean engine room which was a big job due to a leaking transmission and lots of gooey 90 weight oil every where.

Extend engine mounting 'rails' by 3-1/2" to accommodate the larger and longer engine.

Fiberglass and epoxy rail extensions.

Pick up engine.

Map out existing wiring loom.

Wire new insterment panel at Pilot house helm.

Wire new engine harness in engine room.

Individually soilder each connection on harness and double shrink wrap each connection.

Resolve messy wiring and piping in engine room.

Disassemble new engine to reduce overall dimensions to a max of 18" wide by 19" long to fit through engine room hatch.

Transfer engine from truck to dinghy.

Rig lifting boom from mast.

Transfer engine from dinghy to engine room.

Trial fit engine to transmission to determine exact engine mount bolt locations.

Unbolt engine and epoxy in engine mounting bolts.

Bolt engine to transmission and install previously removed items (alternator, water pump, exhaust manifold, etc, etc).

Route and connect wiring, plumbing to engine.

Install new exhaust hose to water lift muffler.

Add oil and coolant.

And still only about 22 more smaller items to complete before test fire... getting close.

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