Friday, July 09, 2010

Rounding Cape Medocino today

July 9, 2010 9AM
Day 1775
Position: 40°03' N 124°08' W
Underway around Cape Mendocino.

We raised anchor at Shelter Cove around 8AM this morning after a fitful night of sleep. Around 2AM the wind built to around 15 knots out of the South East and thus our sheltering cove became a lee shore. No issues other than a few anchor checks in the wee hours of the morning and fitful sleep. Underway and heading North we are now enjoying very calm conditions with winds less than 5 knots and fog restricting visibility to maybe one mile.

Today, we plan to round Cape Mendocino, one of the major milestones along the California coast. We liken Cape Mendocino to a really mean Giant, that when awakened by strong winds, lashes out at the small boats that dare to round his gnarly bluffs. Fortunately, the weather gurus at NOAA forecast light North to Northwest winds so we should find the Giant sleeping today as we tiptoe around the Cape and into Humboldt bay, about 62nm distant from Shelter Cove.

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