Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where's LightSpeed... Still in Port Orford, Oregon

July 17, 2010
Anchored in Port Orford, Oregon

Waiting for weather to round Cabo Blanco.

LightSpeed anchored in the lee of the Port Orford bay.LightSpeed anchored along the striking coastline.Kathy checks out some wild flowers.
Griffs on the Dock for some great fish & chips and clam chowder.

Port Orford, Oregon yard. There are no docks here and all boats get lifted out of the water with cranes.
We ventured into shore today despite the strong winds in the anchorage that all but guaranteed getting splashed with 44.6 degree sea water on the way. Port Orford is a small town along the 101 with few amenities, so we pretty much covered the entire town in a few hour walk to get some exercise. We wrapped up with dinner on the pier at 'Griffs on the Dock' which offered up some tasty snapper fish and chips and rich clam chowder. After dinner we had hot shower on the pier and then got pretty soaked getting back on the boat.

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