Monday, August 16, 2010

Boat Yard Birthday

Dave enjoying a surprise Birthday cake to celebrate his 39th birthday his 5th cruising birthday celebration. Thanks for the 'true' surprise Kathy!!!
Patrick Barry helps celebrate Dave's Birthday. We sailed across the South Pacific one the same time line as Paddy in 2006-2008 . We enjoyed Paddys' visit to Astoria and were treated to some fine champagne, freshly caught (by Paddy) King Salmon and Paddy even helped out with sanding the bottom of the boat to boot! Fun to see you Paddy! We hope we can share an anchorage with you before too long.
Sunset in Astoria, Oregon from the dry docked deck of LightSpeed.
Paddy with a freshly caught King Salmon.
Kathy making good progress sanding off the old boot stripe so we can adjust the waterline on LightSpeed and freshen her look at the same time. A big multi step job.
Work shop under LightSpeed. New Yanmar saildrive SD20 getting a 3 coats of grey primmer on the saildrive leg in preparation for anti-fouling paint.
LightSpeed and her Honda Prelude land dinghy.
Workshop set up under the protection of LightSpeeds' bridge deck. A great place to store materials, tools and work in the shade or out of the rain. Just a few of the benefits of catamaran ownership that no one ever mentions.
New Yanmar 3YM30 and Yanmar SD20 Saildrive just delivered and almost ready to install... except the engine was missing the flywheel dampener plate and the sialdrive was missing it's flexible mounting. UGH!
Kathy wearing her safety gear while sanding off the old boot stripe paint.
Kathy working hard with the sander.

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