Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boat Yard week one

We hauled the boat on Monday and today, Saturday we can say we've made good progress.

Kathy washed and waxed the boat. That's 42' x 4 sides so a major job. Kathy also is making great progress on our project to adjust the waterline and boot stripe. Another big project that requires many many days of preparatory sanding.

I've been working on the prepwork for the new engines and saildrives. While I've had good access to the engine rooms sans engines, I've removed some unused through-hull fittings and old ground plates, A/C piping holes, etc. So lots of grinding, filling and fiberglassing. Less holes in the boat is good... less places she could leak. I also removed a old speed transducer and relocated the SSB radio ground plate. Both saildrives are out and the engine rooms are prepared for the new Yanmar SD20 drives. I'm installing new fuel lines and Racor fuel filters as well as new exhaust hose so lots of little odds and ends are accumulating on the boat and ready for install.

The Astoria Boat Yard is excellent. A well stocked marine chandlery is located within walking distance and historic downtown Astoria is a short bike ride away.

We met lots of really nice folks in the boat yard and scored a ride to Home Depot and Costco.

Tomorrow Kathy may have a ride to Newport to pick up our car.

We estimate about 7-10 more days until we are back in the water.

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