Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gori Propeller the final answer to the propeller question

Gori 2 blade folding propeller to suit Yanmar Saildrive SD20. A large zinc anode is prominent on the right side of the photo. This propeller is built to last and the zinc anode will efficiently protect the propeller. In addition, the Yanmar SD20 saildrive has it's own zinc anode.

I purchased my Gori 16.5" x13" pitch saildrive propellers to suit LightSpeeds new Yanmar 3YM30 engines from the very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly folks at A.B. Marine .

When sailing the folding propellers can really pay off with the reduced drag that can rob 3/4 of a knot of boat speed, a difference of 18 nautical miles in 24 hours of sailing. That's roughly a 10% increase or more at our average sailing speeds on LightSpeed.

On long ocean passages like those we intend to make, such as sailing around the world over the next five or six years, or roughly 30,000 miles of sailing we could save 17 days or more than 400 hours at sea... that's less than $7 hour and a price we'd happily pay to save 136 three hour watches at sea . Less time at sea equates to more fun in the islands, less weather risk and the ability to make shorter day hops in the safety of daylight. Under power our performance gains should be considerable as well with the added horsepower and increased diameter and pitch of the new propellers.

If anyone is looking for some used Gori 2 blade folding propellers 15" diameter by 12" pitch to suit Yanmar SD 20 or Volvo S 120 saildrives let us know. These would suit engines in the 20 horse power range well.

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