Saturday, August 07, 2010

Idaho Cabin July 2010

Bruce enjoys the ride.
Andrew pointing to the rapid where his cousin Tim was thrashed by Three Devils rapids. Tim got thrown from his tube and then held captive by the rapid for quite a while, luckily it let him loose.
Bruce, Tim and Andrew ready to jump of the 'jumping rock' near Three Devils Rapids on the Clearwater river.
Kathy in the river after a jump of the jumping rock.
Dave taking a dive as Bruce and Tim prepare for their jumps.
Dave sitting on the porch of the 1950s Idaho cabin.
Andrew, Annie, Bruce, Jane and Tim.
Yearly picture at the cabin. Andrew, Bruce, Tim, Jane and Annie.
'Fancy' new outhouse at the Idaho cabin.
Dave and Pete work skin a log for the new cabin.
Pippi Annie.
Annie and Jane lead the charge at a cabin feast of hot dogs, baked bean, potato salad and water melon.
Jane, Annie and Tim pose at the Clearwater river beach in front of Dave and Kathys' water front accomodation.
Peter and Dinger navigate the Clearwater river on their kayak.
Kathy (sister) and Kathy (wife) escape the heat.
Tim, Dave and Annie ready for a water fight.
Kathy and Tim at the river.
Annie, Tim and Kathy at the Idaho cabin readying he fire for some S'mores.
Jane skinning some poles for the new cabin raining.
Tim and Jane helping uncle Dave start a fire.

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