Sunday, August 08, 2010

Red bouy #4 at the entrance to the Coulumba River Bar. Cape Disappointment is on the left, however it was no disappointment on this day as the bar was calm and tide flooding. Perfect conditions for crossing the bar.

A young sea lion basked on buoy #4 and barked a welcome greeting as we made the turn into the Columbia river. After nearly 6000 nautical miles of sailing this year we're starting to feel like we've arrived in the Pacific Northwest.LightSpeed tied up at the Port of Astoria travel lift. This is one of the best travel lifts values on the Westcoast and perhaps in the USA if you need a lift with a maximum beam capacity of 25'. At 23'-3" LightSpeed just fits.

A pretty nice summer day on the Oregon coast. This photo shows 3+ mile visibility a rare occurrence in the land of persistent fog.
Cape Falcon about 12 miles North of Tillamook, Oregon provides a decent anchorage in settled Northwest weather. We would have dropped the hook here, but the fog was so thick we opted to stop in Tillamook.

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