Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sea Lions and Froli Star Bed

This big huge bull Sea lion decided to take up residence next to LightSpeed. Day and night he finds apparent joy in barking loudly and fouling the dock with smelly Sea lion stuff.

Last night Kathy found significant annoyance in the barking. So much so she stuck her head out the hatch and yell 'HEY YOU, GO AWAY'. Unfortunately, this yielded no result aside from some barks in return. All the commotion did however manage to did rouse me from my slumber momentarily.

In contrast I had a great nights sleep on our new Froli Star Bed mattress system despite the noisy Sea lions.

The Froli Star Bed is a box spring of sorts for boat beds. It adds a box spring like feel and comfort to our bed as well as providing a nice air gap under the foam matress to ensure good ventilation. In cooler more temperate climates like Oregon condensation becomes a problem, especailly where air flow is limited. We were finding the underside of our matress, that lies in direct contact with the cooler hull of the boat, to be a constant source of trapped condensation. We don't like moisture inside the boat so the Froli Star Bed provided a solution that allowed airflow and as a bonus a more comfortable nights sleep.

A Froli Star Bed spring element. The lighter blue springs are softer and Froli advises to install these in the shoulder area.
The layout of the elements allows three spacing settings to adjust for firmness. I went with the middle setting and based on the great nights sleep the first night see no reason for further customization. The system cost $416.

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