Saturday, September 18, 2010

British Columbia Sailing on LightSpeed

Cool Native art survives the passage of time on these cliffs along Jervis Inlet. Check it out for yourself near position: 49°53.3219 N 123°52.3968 W Images may depict salmon, whales, persons, staffs and other objects.

More Native Art located near: 50°03.4146 N 123°50.6715 W on Jervis Inlet. Images may depict salmon, whales, persons, staffs and other objects.

Bow watch person (Kathy) takes in the scenery as we pass through Mailbu rapids at outbound from Princess Louisa Inlet.
Dave, Simon and Matt enjoy some fresh Dungeness crab on the dock at Princess Louisa Inlet.

LightSpeed approaching Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia.
Kathy and Chatterbox falls.

Club Malibu at the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet.
Entrance to Princess Louisa via the Malibu Rapids.
What ever the heck these things are called, you can be sure they have a rich full flavor that is superior to prawns or shrimp.
Critter from the deep. Not sure what this creature is called, but we caught in our Prawn trap at depths of over 120 meters (400 feet). They appear to be closely related to lobsters based on the body shape, but sport some pretty long legs and pincers.
Yellow Eye Rock Fish made for a tasty meal high in Omega 3.

Dave landing a Yellow Eye Rock Fish in Jervis Inlet. These fish can be caught in 80+ meters of water which makes fishing a bit tough.
Steep mountains jut out of the sea along Jervis Inlet.
Jervis Inlet
Mountian shrouded in lingering clouds. Vancouver Bay, Jervis Inlet, British Columbia. Despite what the guide books say this is a decent anchorage. Anchorage in 25 meters with good holding near 49°54.9944 N 123°52.2223 W Note: depths shoal very quickly and due caution is advised.

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