Friday, September 03, 2010

LightSpeed Launched

Ready to 'Splash' and heading for the water and sea trial of the new engines, sail drives and propellers.
LightSpeed on here way back to the water.
New bottom paint and 'removed' boot stripe.
Ready to sail.
Final turn to the slip sway.
It's good to be back on the water after 25 days in the Astoria boat yard installing new engines, sail drives, propellers, bottom paint and removing the old boot stripe. The boat ran flawlessly with the new engines right out of the travel lift slings. It seems we are going to be powering at much higher speeds. The new 30 horsepower engines are much smoother, quieter and clearly more powerful than the old 18 horsepower engines.

Weather looks superb to head North to Seattle early next week and it should be a great sail once we turn the corner and head down the Straights of Juan de Fuca. Looking forward to getting back to 'home' waters.

LightSpeed off the ground and ready to launch. Note the fine entry and fine hulls that slice through waves and contribute to speed potential.
New bottom paint and new white boot stripe... we just removed the boot stripe and painted the area white to match the existing paint. A clean look we can always add to later, but frankly we were burned out painting the 168 feet of waterline.
New Gori folding propeller in folded position.
Gori Propeller in open position. The Gori product is far superior to Flex-O-Fold having examined both propellers in person, the Gori wins in quality and is fitted with a substantial zinc anode.

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