Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vancouver, BC Chinese Consulate... Work

September 29, 2010
Day 1855
Position: 49°16'N 123°07' W
Location: False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Miles sailed year to date: 6823 nautical miles
Miles since day 1 in August 2005: 33,345 nautical miles

A quick stop in Vancouver to visit the Chinese consulate to obtain travel visas for our upcoming visit to China. No we are not sailing there, yet.

We'll be flying to Shanghai, China on October 8th and returning on October 20th. The 2010 world expo is underway in Shanghai so I should have plenty to do while Kathy is training with her new company PharmaLegacy which is based in Shanghai. Kathy has taken a job as Director of Business Development for the Western United States.

So again our dynamic plans have shifted on the winds of our imaginations and we'll be tacking toward the shores of Seattle to settle down and work. However, we are not dropping 'land anchors' and will continue to live-aboard LightSpeed. I'll be pursuing work options that run a gamete of options to be explored after our trip to China.

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