Monday, October 04, 2010

Finding a slip for LightSpeed

October 4, 2010
Seattle, Washington

Catamaran moorage is notorious in short supply with existing marina infrastructure modeled on traditional monohull length to width ratios. As an example, Shilshole Bay Marina, despite recent reconfiguration of dock layouts, maintains a six plus year waiting list for muti-hull sailboats (2010). We were concerned that a lack of moorage in the Seattle area would push us to the fringes of Puget Sound just to tie to a dock.

However, luck was with us when we called Elliot Bay Marina and found an available slip that could accommodate our 24' wide catamaran. Sure they charge a extra $200 dollar premium for the privilege pushing the monthly rate to $676 (2010). Not complaining as the facility is first class and the location is second only to Lake Union.  The downside is this price doesn't include liveaboard.

Well that didn't last long.  The friendly state of Washington would like a 10% bite of our boat if we stay in Washington.  It's called 'use tax' and thus we're moving LightSpeed to boater friendly Oregon.

Update November 2014:  We're back from a 4 year sail around the Pacific and now mooring LightSpeed in San Francisco Bay.  See the story here