Saturday, November 13, 2010

Voyage Plan Neah Bay, Washington to Astoria, Oregon

Check out this 40' log we sailed by today. Definitely something that would go bang in the night. Even worse we saw a 3' diameter dead head ( a neutrally buoyant log floating vertical in the water) that can cause serious hull damage. The other major hazard is innumerable crab trap floats and the possibility of entangling a propeller in rope. All good reasons to attempt the trip during daylight hours only.

Most sailors make a direct overnight trip from Neah Bay to Astoria taking their chances with the floating hazards. Day sailing this coast is not without it's own hazards and success requires careful planning, cooperative weather and time. Sailing South from Neah Bay the first possible stop is La Push, but a narrow and shallow bar crossing dissuade most sailors from making the stop. The second is Grays Harbor offering a less weather dependent entrance, but at 105 nm from Neah Bay too long for a winter time daylight sail without a prior stop at La Push. The trick is finding a intersection between weather, tides and daylight to make it work.

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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    David & Kelly Kane; Thanks for sharing your words of warning. I'll be motor-sailing from Neah Bay to Astoria on Saturday 20 February hoping to cross the Columbia River Bar Sunday 21 Feb about noon...