Sunday, June 12, 2011

BC Sailing Adventure off to good start.

Today we are underway from Nanoose Bay (about 8 nm North of Nanamio, BC) towards Kanish Bay (about 10nm North of Campbell River, BC) for a 80nm days run. Enjoyed Southerly component winds and a 6-8 knot deep downwind spinnaker run all day in 13 knots true / 6 apparent all the way Campbell River where we now enjoy a 4 knot current (11.8 knots speed over ground).

Just about to enter the Seymour Narrows which will be running at near max ebb currnet of 9 knots (North flowing). According to the Coast Pilot: "Tidal currents can attain speeds of to 16 knots in Seymour Narrows".

Tomorrow we intend to take advantage of more southerly component winds and favorable currents to blast up the notorious Johnstone Strait.

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