Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011
Headed for Alert Bay to pick up some canning jars and fuel line. We've never done any canning before, but it seems the perfect way to preserve some of the great seafood we're encountering up here in BC.

June 15, 2011
Layover day in Port McNeil. Strong NW winds encouraged us to take a layover day here in Port McNeil. Still a little shopping to take care of so we explore every shop in town and enjoy lunch at Gus Pub. Stanley Cup Final tonight so nearly everyone we encounter all day is talking about the Canucks game and or wearing a Canucks. Although we would normally enjoy reveling with the fans at a local pub for the game we take a pass as it seems long odds the Canucks will win and the disappointment will likely lead to ugliness.

June 14, 2011
Got a 4:50AM start from Port Neville to maximize the benefit of the fast flowing tidal currents in Johnstone Strait. Around 7AM I woke Kathy up as she had been missing the antics of so many dolphins. The dolphins were going out of their way to enjoy the double bow wakes of LightSpeed. Mostly Pacific White Sided dolphins and then later in the morning a few groups of Dahl porpoise. Around 9AM we stopped to fish and picked up 4 or 5 nice rockfish. Arriving in Port McNeil we pulled into the fuel dock in pouring rain, filled up, started laundry and cleaned our catch of rockfish. Then it was off to the grocery store, marine store and auto parts store to check off the final items on our shopping lists. Items such as an Axe for campfires, fishing lures, and special ingredients for cooking some new seafood recipes. Back on the boat we had a late afternoon nap and then a great fish dinner topped off with watching a few vintage episodes of Northern Exposure.

June 13, 2011
Sail from Kanish Bay Cove on Quadra Island up Discovery Passage to Johnstone Strait riding the early morning tide. Stopped at North Cove on Helmcken Island to await favorable afternoon tides. Set the prawn trap and crab trap. Loaded the dinghy with fishing poles and fished the NW and W sides of the island for some rockfish. Tidal currents around the W end were creating remarkably huge whirlpools, upwelling and rapids. Just for fun we entered the eddy line and before long were prominently affixed to a large whirlpool. The center of the whirl was easily two feet lower than the surrounding water level with a deep funnel in the middle. Once in the whirl we were spinning so fast we both started to get dizzy and want off that ride so we wooseley started the outboard motor and powered out of the turbulent waters. Good fun.

After checking the Crab and Prawn traps of which we got skunked, we had lunch and a nap. In the afternoon we joined the flow of the tide and made our way to Port Neville. Heading up the inlet we anchored for a few hours to fish, crab and prawn. After a futile fishing endeavor we headed to the Government Float at Port Neville for the night. The caretaker gave us a tour of the original log building and tiny museum and then we hung out on the dock with a commercial fisherman / cruiser who gave us some tips on the best fishing spots up North. We hope to run in to Warren in Mexico to report on our fishing success. What a day. With 16 hours plus of daylight you can get alot done!

June 12, 2011
A not so early start from Nanoose Bay bound for Kanish Bay. Enjoyed flying the spinnaker in Southerly component winds for much of the day and then hitting Seymour Narrows at peak ebb current of 8+ knots with our boat speed up to 15-16 knots over ground. Despite all the warnings in the guide book it was super easy. The water flow was laminar (smooth) and mid channel we had only a few eddy lines, whirlpools or upwelling.

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