Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011
51°16.4050N 127°36.8390W
Cruising Queen Charlotte Sound

Today we made our way from Alert Bay to Fly Basin at Takush Harbour off Smith Inlet (a 62 nm run). Winds were super light so it was a easy trip up Queen Charlotte Sound and around Cape Caution. Stopped for some fishing along the way and picked up a few nice rockfish which were considerably bigger than others we'd previously caught. The catching was good, just get the buzz bomb lure near the bottom and reel in the fish. The real challenge is to avoid catching the bottom as it usually wins the tug-o-war and keeps the lure.

Fly Basin, surrounded by old growth cedar trees, branches dipping in the bay at high water, represents a near perfect anchorage. The entrance is narrow and shallow and the small basin inside the entrance affords three hundred and sixty degree protection. Tonight we are anchored in the West Arm of the basin in 3.7 meters (at low water) over solid holding. The tidal range for the next twelve hours is 4 meters! Just outside the bay is Takush Harbour and as we entered the harbour we were greeted by hundred and hundreds of diving birds and sea gulls which is a sure sign of some good fishing. The birds generally congregate and feed on bait fish driven to the surface by larger predators below (i.e. Salmon), so dropping a line below the birds can produce good fishing results. Tomorrow, we'll head out in the harbour to pull our prawn trap which is sitting in 100 meters of water to hopefully catch lots of prawns and then do some fishing on the way back.

Started the day at 7AM with a trip to the engine room to make a jury rig to my Yanmar engine final fuel filter. The filter mounts to the engine lifting eye which had for some strange reason sheared off both it's mounting bolts. Off all things I would have never guessed the lifting eye would fall off! Anyway since the filter is attached it was rubbing on a cooling water hose, so I moved the filter off the engine to the bulkhead and installed longer fuel hoses. It's a good solution since I can't get a tap or drill to the broken off bolts as the fuel injection pump is in the way.

Kathy is cooking up a wonderful dinner of fresh broiled rockfish with an orange glaze, spinach sauté and a side of wild rice.

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