Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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June 29, 2011
Position @ 22:00 UTC 53°27.8485N 129°28.3782W
Underway, Grenville Channel

Last night night LightSpeed was anchored snug as a bug in the nearly landlocked Clarke Cove. The entrance to Clarke Cove is extremely tight for a catamaran on a +12' tide and as we left Clarke this AM on a +3' tide it was positively sketchy with barley enough room to slip out. The shallow 3' draft (depth of our keel) of our catamaran is of little help in these narrow passages as it occurs near our maximum 23' beam (width). Weather is rainy and blustery today so we decided to make it a travel day with a stop at Hartley Bay for fuel and water. No other services readily available in Hartley Bay so our pile of dirty laundry continues to mount as our stock of fresh food dwindles.

Near the Grenville Channel entrance we spotted three Humpback whales which provided some fun viewing for 15-20 minutes as the whales were heading more or less the same direction as us. We spend many hours each day with our binoculars trained on likely beaches and grassy river mouths trying to spot bears. Put in a lot of hours scanning shores as we transit Princess Royal Island in hopes of spotting the rare and mysterious 'Spirit Bear'. Princess Royal Island is reported to have a large population of Kermodei bear (ursus kermodei) which is a cream colored black bear know in indigenous lore as the 'Sprit Bear'. Tonight we are headed for Lowe Inlet to anchor in Nettle Basin near the scenic Verney Falls (53°33.4N 129°34.14W).

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