Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Alaskan Waters

July 6, 2011
Underway from Port Tongass to Crab Bay

Our anchorage tonight is near 55°06.4504N 131°21.8927W
Sunset tonight is at 10:16PM which makes for lots of daylight. However with average air temperatures around 48°F at night to 57°F daytime and water temperatures from 46°F in the inlets to 51°F coastal we sure aren't working on our suntans.

Entered US waters yesterday afternoon and anchored at Port Tongass on Tongass Island. Historically, Port Tongass was home to Fort Tongass a border station established to prevent smuggling and keep peace between the locals and traders. A Tlingit Indian Village was also located on the island, but the totem poles were move to Ketchikan in the 1970's. Once anchored we loaded the dinghy with supplies for a beach BBQ and then circumnavigated Tongass Island in search of a nice beach for our cooking fire. We roasted sweet potatoes and Chinook Salmon on an Alderwood fire and enjoyed a fresh spinach salad. Only a few mosquitoes showed up, but not until around 10PM. Returned to the boat around 11PM for hot showers.

Today we spent much of the morning dodging salmon gill net boats along the mainland shore near Tree Point. Taking a short cut through Danger pass we spotted three humpback whales feeding in shallow waters near kelp beds. Tomorrow we head for Ketchikan to check in with US customs.

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