Thursday, July 21, 2011

LightSpeed at North Sawer Glacier.

Ohh how I would like to catch one of these beautiful Red King Crabs.

Sockeye salmon in a stream near Juneau ready to spawn continuing the cycle of life.Kathy giving North Sawyer Glacier a wave as we head out of Tracy Arm.
Up close and personal with ancient glacial ice.

North Saywer Glacier up and close. The glacier face might not look too big in this photo, but I'm sure it's well over 15 stories high maybe even 30. At one point what looked like a tiny chunk of ice fell from the top striking the water it gave off a rifle like report. My guess it the tiny chunk was not so small after all. Shortly there after we decided to put a little more room between us and the teetering glacial ice that looked all too ready to calf off creating a 25' tall wave.

Kathy prepares to fend off some ice as we try to make our way up Endicott arm. Unfortunately, the ice flows were too thick and after a few to many bumps into bergy bits of ice we bailed.

Iceberg viewed from the toasty comfort of our pilot house Atlantic 42 'LightSpeed'.
Some strange looking prawns, but oh so tasty.
Donovan provides a VIP tour of Alaskan Brewing. Reconnecting with Donny a old Bremerton High buddy was a great treat. Thanks to the Neil's for the use of their car while in Juneau, Alaska.

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