Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011
Dundas Bay to Graves Bay

We started our day deep in the Northwest Arm of Dundas Bay having spent a nice calm night anchored in a little visited section of the Glacier Bay Park (that doesn't require permits). As usual I was anxious to check the crab and prawn traps and we did make a decent haul on the prawns, but only a tiny tanner crab in the crab trap. Moving out of Dundas Bay we enjoyed the antics of at least 20 sea otters and an equal number of sleek black porpoise. With salmon jumping non-stop it wasn't long before I caved in and put out some lines. After a short try at catching with no immediate success we headed toward a noisy colony of sea lions with several huge humpbacks feeding nearby. We didn't want to get too close to the sealions for fear of causing a panic and instead enjoyed the whales as they repeatedly dove close to the shore in pursuit of some sort of feed below. Drifting with the fast current we were soon among a bivvy of sea lions that were feeding off the point of the nearby island. It seemed groups of 4 to 6 sea lions were working in tandem to secure their lunch. Before long two curious beasts came over to LightSpeed for a look. In the flat calm crystal clear waters under brilliant sunshine we enjoyed watching the huge mammals swim around and under the boat. With each pass they would come a little closer then stop, pop their heads out and take a good look. Sitting on the stern of the boat with my video camera I was both waiting for a great close up shot and at the same time guarding against the inevitable boarding attempt. Clearly these guys were looking for a convenient haul out location close to the chow. Kathy guarded the other stern as the beasts sniffed out their options. Time and time again they would nuzzle up to the stern resting their chins on the first then second steps as we got some great shots and then shooed them away. With a full scale boarding imminent we decided it was time to go. With such beautiful weather we headed out of the Icy Strait and Cross Sound heading North along the shore line. With tons of whales, exotic sea birds and sea otters we had quite a time before holing up in Graves Bay for the night.

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