Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011
Pelican, Alaska
Docked at: 57°57.5534 N 136°13.6948 W

Stopped in Pelican, Alaska for a few nights to take care of some routine maintenance like changing the engine oil and water pump impellers. We found a nice side tie in the town marina for $18 per night amongst the troller fishing fleet. Pelican is a tiny town with a central elevated boardwalk running over the shoreline. Actually the entire town is built on pilings over the shoreline in the inter tidal zone. What this means is that every home and business is located over the water for part of each day. Pelicans' cornerstone fish processing plant has failed and the town subsequently has gone into a drastic decline losing maybe two thirds of it's population. We mostly met seasonal residents during our stay whom fell broadly into the category of fishermen or retires or a combination of the two. We made an obligatory stop at Rosies Bar for a beer. Locals like 'Red', a retired cop cum fisherman shared many stories, hot spring tips and even stopped by the boat with a venison round roast. Likewise, Hans a 30 year resident shared many a tale and has a historic home for sale on the board walk if someone is interested. We invited neighboring salmon trollers from f/v 'SeaBoy' over for coffee and some interesting discussions on the health of the oceans, sea otter populations and travel. Otherwise we walked the length of the town boardwalk twice, ate at the Lisianski Inlet cafe and even walked up the short section of road to the dump to look for bears. Mostly we just worked on the boat and enjoyed talking with fishermen. A worthwhile and interesting stop to be sure.

Yes, the entire town is along this boardwalk.

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