Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011 Mirror Harbor to Chichagof

July 27, 2011

Threaded the needle back out of Mirror harbor we then proceeded toward the abandoned village of Chichagof located on Klag Bay. Heavy rain and fog traveled with us the entire day as we explored some of the less treacherous 'inside passages' avoiding most of the strong southerly winds that buffed the coastline with their accompanying white crested swells. Despite a few challenges identified by the cruising guide it was really an easy day having the treacherous entrance of Mirror Harbor in our wake. Arriving at the head of Kalg Bay, fish were jumping everywhere so despite a torrential down pour we managed to land four salmon and get soaked to the bone and half frozen. However, the thrill of catching fish after fish on light tackle was well worth braving the rain. Canning a few of the fish we settled down to a night of pounding rain. This morning the rains have diminished to solid mist and the ruins of the old gold mining town ashore beckon. With a small gold miners prospecting pan aboard we intend to do a bit of poking around in the old tailing pile and explore one of the few remaining buildings that's not yet collapsed into ruin.

Just got back from our shore side foray; Trees, brush and brambles have nearly retaken the former town site of Chichagof. Only the most hardy and durable relics of the past mining efforts remain. Steel tracks leading from the mine, a few ore cars and some discarded equipment from a more recent effort include a bulldozer and lots of empty fuel barrels. We also noticed some new surveyors flags so it's likely that someone has again staked a claim hoping to strike it rich.

Some pinks caught on light tackle from the dinghy.
Cleaning the catch for canning.

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