Sunday, July 03, 2011

Prince Rupert

July 3, 2011 1:35PM
Day 2134
Prince Rupert, BC 54°19.54N 130°18.28W

Stayed two nights in Prince Rupert to wait out some nasty weather, provision and tackle that growing pile of laundry. Stayed at the Rushbrook Public floats which is an easy 15-20 minute walk from town. Rushbrook was filled to capacity with a potpourri of commercial fishing boats, sport boats, sailboats and derelict boats of all description rafted together two to three deep, we got sort of lucky to find any spot to raft up LightSpeed. The spot we finally shoe horned LightSpeed into had us rafted to a ill attended Catalina 30' which coincidentally was the same model as my first liveaboard sailboat. We made Rushbrook work, but it really is NOT a place for a yacht, but a work boat harbor, and we were lucky to get away unscathed. The black eye I gave myself chopping firewood helped me to fit in and garnered respect walking the docks at Rushbrook. Less adventurous boaters might consider paying a little extra for a berth at the Prince Rupert Yacht Club which is also considerably closer to town and affords a much lower likelihood of playing bumper boats with the commercial fishing fleet.

Walked into town 7 times of which 4 times it was pouring down rain and the other three just raining. During our stay an unattended bucket in our cockpit accumulated 3+ inches of water so it's safe to say it rains a fair bit in Prince Rupert. We learned that only a part of Hawaii gets more rain than Prince Rupert which is in some sort of rain shadow.

Kathy enjoyed a Niijonda yoga class which some ancient First Nation chanting to help round out the great experience.

We headed out of Rupert late yesterday to spend a peaceful night at Carolina anchorage off Venn channel at position 54°20.4814N 130°25.7731W. Our next adventure takes us to a Grizzly Bear Reserve in Khutzeymateen Inlet. Enroute we enjoyed the last of our Chinook Salmon in a spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumber, toasted almonds topped with a dill and cucumber dressing. Lunch and the remaining salmon finished, I was granted approval by the Admiral/Chef (i.e Kathy) to engage in fishing activities. Kathy closely monitors the limited refrigerator space and thus, my fishing activities. Within an hour I had a beautiful 28lb Chinook Salmon onboard so now the race is on to eat it this next week so I can get my lines we again.

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