Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting close to Gwaii Haanas National Park

August 22, 2011 8PM
Anchored Thurston Harbour
Anchorage Position about: 52 50.50'N 131 44.88'W

Motored from Skidegate South towards Gwaii Haanas National Park. Mostly just a bash against head seas and wind right on the nose. As we approached Thurston Harbour thousands of Sea Gulls and numerous other sea birds were actively feeding. This is by far the largest concentarion of sea birds we've ever seen. Undoubtedly, the fishing must be good if so many birds were to be in one small area. Dropped a Arm Truck colored Coyote spoon in the water behind a Deep Six on about a 42" leader and then stripped out 28 pulls of line. For some reason this seems to be the magic number lately so we trolled for a very shor time at 2.5 knots before a feisty Coho took the spoon with vigor. It was a great fight and salmon fishing at it's best with plenty of leaping and sounding. Supplied with a fresh fish head after filleting the Salmon I set my modified Dungeness crab trap in about 300' of water hoping to attract a King or Tanner Crab overnight.

Tomorrow we'll head in Gwaii Haanas and likely anchor at Murchison Island which offers the closest most secure anchorage to Hotspring Island. Hotspring Island has perhaps the most wonderful hotsprings on the West Coast of North America.

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