Sunday, September 04, 2011

Duffin Cove Anchorage, Tofino, West Coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

September 4, 2011
Anchored in Duffin Cove which less than a half of a mile from the Tofino public wharf.  It's been many weeks since we've been shopping so it will be great to pick up some fresh supplies.   The weather is spectacular!   Knock on wood.  Sunny with clear blue skies for so many days in a row I've lost count.    Or maybe we just forgot what summer was supposed to be like having spent ours up North where chilly glaciers meet the sea.

Tofino is a busy place with boats zooming around the harbor.  I guess this is the frontier and the local boat operators are playing their part as modern Wild West cowboys. At the helm of their high horse power boats do they think they are the star of modern boat rodeo.  With engines screaming and rooster tails performing a foamy arch these water jockeys go full speed right up to the docks.  'Wakes be Damned' must be the local mantra.  I guess those extra couple of seconds galloping up to the dock are worth the trade-off a harbor full of chop and boats constantly straining at their lines like wild horses. Makes it sort of rough being anchored out as the boat is constantly barged with waves like dust clouds from stampeding cattle.

We've fueled and watered up and now all that remains is a laundry run and some grocery shopping and we'll be on our way to the Broken Group in Barkely Sound.  From there we'll sail direct to Astoria, Oregon where we need to haul the boat to change zincs, sail-drive oil, and do a through inspection of the hull before setting off for California.