Saturday, September 03, 2011

Louie Bay & Hot Springs Cove

Hot Spring Cove is probably one of the best hot springs ever. The pools are clean do to a high volume of water flow, the temperature is perfect and the setting is 100% natural with no sign of man made improvements. The trick is to either go early or go late as tons of tourist out of Tofino clog up the pools between 9AM and 6PM.
Kathy has a mini-spa day with a fresh organic kelp wrap.
Dinghy adventure underway in Louie Bay.

Hanging out at our beach cookout on a quintessential summers evening.
Kathy and Darch at our beach cookout in Louie Bay. Can you belive this is September on the West Coast of Vancouver Island?
Blackberry pancakes and fresh prawns for breakfast with our friends Catherine and Darch of s/v Abundance.
Kathy and Catherine check out the small catch of Spot prawns and Coonstripe shrimp from the combined fishing expedition of Darch and Dave.
Dinner on s/v Abundance.
Catherine gives Kathy some Uke lessons.

Keke gets a ride in LightSpeed's dinghy after our beach cookout.

Abundance and LightSpeed anchored in Louie Bay. What a treat to spend a few days cruising with some great new friends and fellow multi-hull fanatics.

Inner Lagoon of Louie Bay. Careful if you take your dink through the rapids as it get's really shallow for several hundred meters. So shallow that you'll have to lift your motor and drift on the current wondering how you'll ever get back out of this lagoon. Probably, best for a strong kayaker. We got sort of lucky and hit this at the end of the flood tide and were just barely able to make our way back over the shallows to the rapids and back into Louie Bay. Our approach was to go full speed thus by skimming the surface of the water we'd shoot over the shallows or bend the outboard propeller in the process. With less than inches to spare we made it out unscathed.

Louie Bay looking West.
Almost ripe Huckleberries.

Darch and Catherine of s/v Abundance.
s/v Abundance and s/v LightSpeed rafted in Hot Springs Cove.

Dave at the hidden falls near the Mary Basin Anchorage.

Fresh Wolf prints.
These wolf prints were quite a surprise as we returned to our dinghy and found the fresh prints within 10 feet of our boat. We'd landed on the small island and were searching for berries. The island was one of three in a small cluster of islets. Each of the islands was not more than 50 yards long, so the Wolf had to be very close as we rumbled around in the brush looking for berries. Yikes!

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