Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baja Ha Ha 2011 Leg 2

October 30, 2011 @ 11PM
Position: 25°04 N 112°45 W
Nearing finish of Leg 2 of 3. Baja Ha Ha 2011.

Brilliant star lit skies, 10 knots of NW wind, 1200SF spinnaker and boat speeds in the 6-7.5 knot range make this a idyllic nighttime sail along the coast of Baja Mexico. Fourteen nautical miles remain to the finish line for leg two of the Baja Ha Ha. With our spinnaker flying continuously for 40 hours straight we expect to finish this leg near the top of the 137 boat Baja Ha Ha fleet.

Lots of fishing the last few days and several nice hook ups and much screaming of reels as line peeled off, but no fish on board. With boat speeds in the 7-9 knot range and no way to quickly slow down we need to hook a small fish to have any hope of fresh sushi. One of our heart breaking long distance releases was a beautiful Mahi Mahi that repeatedly leapt from the water before snapping the braided wire leader. To fuel our fishing angst we sailed through a huge school of Tuna with fins slicing the waters around the boat and also watched leaping Sailfish cross our bow on two occasions. Spotted several sea turtles, sleeping seals, innumerable dolphins and some mystery beast that made a huge splash, but was not to be seen again.

Sea temperatures in the mid-seventies and sunny skies are a stark contrast to our summer in Alaska where temperatures were a full 50% cooler and 100% dreary.

Next stop Bahia Santa Maria for a few days, then South the 180 remaining nautical miles to Cabo San Lucas.

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