Friday, November 11, 2011

Mahi Mahi and Cactus

 Cactus and a very dry desert landscape.  The city of La Paz located about 30 miles to the West receives about 6 inches of rain per year. 
 Kathy stops to smell a very lonely bright yellow flower on a bush that appears to be dead.

 Beach at Ensenada de los Muertos looking toward the SE.  El Cardon restaurant/bar is located in the bight on the right.
 Dave on the  beach at Ensenada del los Muertos.
 Pangas with ouboard motors covered with Mexican blankets.
 First Mahi Mahi of the morning.  This one was a 'cow' or female.  Notice the forehead is more rounded than the male Mahi Mahi below. This female was carrying immature eggs that our cat greatly enjoyed eating. 
Our second Mahi Mahi for the morning.  This one was a 'bull' or male which can easily be identified by the more blunt shape of the forehead.  36" from nose to fork in the tail and 15 pounds on our scale.