Monday, November 14, 2011

Super La Paz

November 14, 2011
Anchored:  La Paz harbor, Baja Mexico

Wow!  We've been super busy since arriving in La Paz.  The moment we hit the dinghy dock at Marina La Paz (15 pesos for dinghy parking, garbage and water) we met the crew of s/v Eyoni (Ethan, Nancy and 6 year old Zada) who we joined for a walk to the Saturday market.  We were a little late for the market, but under the guidence of s/v Eyoni we were shown some of the key areas of town including one of the best street side taco stands in the city.  From there we made a few loops around looking for a reasonable place to drop off our laundry.  With that accomplished we headed to the grocery store for a few staples like wasabi for some freshly caught Mahi Mahi.  Dropping the groceires on the boat we headed back to town for dinner and some great tacos with amazingly hot hot sauce and a few beers for next to nothing prices.  It sure is great to be back in Mexico.
Heading back to the boat we found the wind and tide opposed and our catamaran was not playing nice with the neighbooring monohulls that had anchored nearby while we were away.  One unatteneded boat was banging away at our stern and we had a broken lifeline.  I held the bow pulpit of the neighboor boat while Kathy got LightSpeed started and we pulled anchor moving to the far edge of the anchorage.

Our Sunday was pretty busy as well with several boat projects checked off the list shortly after breakfast.  One of the nasty ones was changing an old sewage hose, but even that nasty job went smoothly.  The other necessary job was splicing a new spectra lifeline in to replace the one broken by the previous evenings 'La Paz Waltz'.  From there we headed to town to pick up our laundry with the intent to have lunch around noon.  However, we seemed to bump in to new friends and old for the next few hours and it wasn't until three that we finally got going to lunch with s/v Artic Tern III (John and Karen) at a local lunch spot, now gearing up for dinner.  We  ran into several other boating friends at the restaurant and chatted them up just as it was starting to rain.  All day the clouds had been threatening, but this is La Paz and it only rains 6 inches a year the locals said no way.  And then we had this incredible rain storm that had us running back to the boat to close the hatches.  From there we headed to birthday party on s/v Third Day in celebration of Nancy's 50th birthday (s/v Eyoni) where we met tons of new boaters and had a great time. 

Today being Monday we had some business to attend to.  The primary goal was to find a great upholstery shop here in La Paz to get started on our 'new settee' project.  Armed with a list of service providers thanks to 'Club Cruceros', a local affiliation of boaters, we jumped in a cab and headed deep into town to find the upholstery shop of Tapiceria Rodriguez at Jalisco y H de la Independencia.  Being a little ahead of the flood of cruising boats descending on La Paz we were lucky to find the shops backlog quite modest and arranged a shipboard consultation for Tuesday.  Heading back towards the boat on foot we tried to locate a Veterinarian so we could take 'Shell' our 3-1/2 month old kitten in for a check up and some booster shots.  Along the way we came across the  shop of 'Katty' who specializes in Lycra swim suits and in particular full body Lycra suits to protect those with fair skin and from jelly fish stings.  So Kathy and I both ordered custom fit full body suits for $490 pesos each.  We think this a wise investment with since we really love to swim and sometimes might spend several hours a day in the water.  From there we stopped to enjoy a refreshing liquado which is a blended drink made from fresh fruit or in the case of today I tried out a Cucumber liquado which was delicious and likely very nutritious.   Kathy went for a more traditional flavor of Papaya blended with milk and ice.  Next stop was the Veterinarian where we stopped in to see about the shots for the kitten.  He said no problem, just bring her in between the hours of 9:30 -1:00 or 3:30-7:00 the classic afternoon break for a siesta.  Being highly effective cruisers we hustled back to the boat to grab the cat and then hustled the many many blocks to get there before siesta time.  The vet was awesome and a real 'cat whisperer' who had the nervous kitten purring as he gave her the shots.  Cost: a reasonable $420 pesos.  Heading back to the boat to drop of the kitten we then turned around to head in for lunch.  It was now close to 2:00pm and we were hungry, tired and hot as we tried to find a new great lunch spot.  With tired feet we stumbled into a great local spot and enjoyed some delicious food and then headed directly back to the boat for our own siesta.   Another productive and busy day behind us we are enjoying a quiet night aboard LightSpeed.