Sunday, December 11, 2011

La Paz Mexico

 Kathy shows of a nice Mahi Mahi just a few miles out of the La Paz Anchorage.
 Sipping a Margarita.  Note the 1970's Chevy truck BBQ added a touch of class to this taco stand.
 s/v Go for Broke getting a helping hand into the La Paz Anchorage.
 John, Brian and Steve on our Whale Shark expedition.
 Kathy, Erlin and Patrick at the corner Pacifico shop on our way to our favorite taco stand.
 Shell removing the last decoration from our mini Christmas tree.
 Scott, Donna and Kathy at the La Paz theater where we enjoyed the National Ballet for only $100 peso per person.
Dressed up for a night at the theater.