Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sailing up the Sea of Cortez

December 13, 2011
Position: 25°22'N 110°55'W
Underway: Bahia San Evaristo towards Bahia Agua Verde

Raised anchor shortly after sunrise today and headed out of the bay towards Bahia Agua Verde about 44nm to the North. Some good sailing at times with boat speeds in the mid-nines for about an hour and as I write we are only coasting along at 5 knots in a lull. Winds today have an unusual Westerly component and since we are in the lee of the Baja we are enjoying super flat seas. Really great sailing. A few minutes ago we had a double hook up on the fishing rods, but a bit disappointing to land more Skipjack tuna... the least desirable of the tuna family. Since leaving La Paz a few days ago I think we've caught and released nine fish. Our target species being Mahi, Wahoo, Yellow fin or Yellow tail.

December 12, 2011
Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida to Bahia San Evaristo

Shared an anchorage with our friends Mac and Catherine whom treated us to a delicious pancake breakfast aboard s/v Indigo. Sailed off the anchor and short tacked out of the bay with a decent sail most of the way to Bahia San Evaristo. Light winds overnight were a stark contrast to our last stay in San Evaristo when we hung on tooth and nail in gusty 'Norther' conditions.

December 11, 2011
La Paz to Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida
A quick last minute shopping trip to downtown La Paz stretched out in typical cruisers fashion to nearly half a day. Met some new friends Bill and Shirley aboard s/v Pegasus and enjoyed a late breakfast. Picked up some LED holiday lights and a jug of gasoline and then hustled back to the boat to get underway for Isla Partida. Enjoyed a superb sail nearly the entire afternoon with plenty of time over eight knots. About 15 minutes out of the anchorage I jumped in the shower and about the same time Kathy landed a double hook up on the fishing lines single handed. Releasing one fish we cooked up the other unidentified Tuna, we think a bonita and enjoyed a nice fish dinner.

December 10, 2011
La Paz, Mexico
Kathy passes her HAM radio Technician and General License in one sitting on her first try. Nice work Kathy! We now can use Winlink for email and can send and receive small attachments. The ability to send small pictures is a huge benefit for traveling off the beaten path where we might not have 'real' internet for months at a time.

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