Friday, December 16, 2011

Steinbeck Canyon Hike

 Steinbeck's Canyon, looking out to the East and the Sea of Cortez.   From Puerto Escondito head toward and across Highway 1 following the dirt road lead directly toward Sierra de la Giganta and Steinbeck Canyon.   Once in the Canyon the path becomes more demanding as you pick your way through, over and under the huge water smoothed stones.  A great adventure in route finding as one must squeeze and shimmy though tight spots, dark caves and narrow cracks along the way.  The well deserved reward, a sparkling clear pool and great lunch stop.     
 Sierra de la Giganta range, a rugged desert mountain range running along the Baja peninsula.
 Looking down into a 20' deep crack.  Kathy makes her way down into a cave at the bottom of this crevice that leads through a labyrinth of other passages... yes this is trail. 
 Looking up out of the fissure.
 Another tight squeeze.  Kathy slips though an opening between these boulders.
 A view from the bottom as Libby makes her way up through the gap.

 Bo making his way down an alternate route where we stopped for some bouldering fun.
 Kathy, Libby and Bo.

 Spring pool and great views for a lunch break.

 Looking for a route through the cave and crack portion of the hike.