Friday, February 03, 2012

Mid-Crossing update

February 3, 2012
Position: 23°19.7N 107°37.4W

In the first twelve hours we've covered 96 nautical miles on the rhumb line toward Mazatlan. Classic Sea of Cortez short period break seas just abaft of the beam were the only complaint and irritating enough to give consideration to alternate destinations a bit more off the wind. Isla Isabella would be great if we could arrive before sunset tomorrow, but that would be a bit of a gamble that required the wind to hold steady in the fifteen knot plus range for a spinnaker ride. Just before nightfall the wind piped up to twenty two knots yielding boat speeds in the mid tens and bigger short period breaking seas soon followed. I was ready dreaming of a good nights sleep with the pesky seas well abaft the beam as we'd soon bear away and set the spinnaker for the downwind down sea run to Isabella. And then the wind lightened up sealing the deal to continue close hauled toward Mazatlan in the slop. As of 11pm the wind has dropped to ten to twelve knots and our boat speed are down to six at times which is nothing to complain about, but seems slow after a day averaging exactly eight knots and a top speed of eleven point one.

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