Tuesday, February 14, 2012

San Blas

Sunset on the San Blas estuary
 Socializing at the Marina Fontur in San Blas at the dinghy dock .
 Heading through the Fontur Marina San Blas which looks identical to the buildings in Puerto Escondito.
 Kathy and Tiffany sign Norm Goldies guest book in the Zocalo (town square).
 Crews of s/v Decade Dance, s/v Michaela and s/v LightSpeed stop for a chat with Norm and Jan Goldie in the Zocalo, San Blas Mexico. 
 Zocalo statue and cool old church with neon crosses.
 Tiffany and John of s/v Michaela take a break in the Zocalo.
 Churros for dessert were ohh so good.
Nightcap at BillyBobs with John and Tiffany of s/v Michaela.