Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fantastic last few days in Punta Mita and La Cruz- Captions thanks to Kelsey

 Kathy, Andrew and Kelsey enjoying the water at Punta Mita.
Oooohh, what a nice door!
 Banana pancakes, crepes, or breakfast burritos?  Andrew does them all.
Frozen juice in a bag- boles- on a hot afternoon.
Cocktail party on LightSpeed with Jen from s/v Venture and Dawn from s/v Deep Playa.
 John and his dog Thelma in the hammock.

Margarita girls.
Bus stop juice bar.
 Streets of La Cruz

Getting our abs ripped - with the help of Tony from P90X.
 Andrew trying to get the hang of 'Free boarding' which is riding on a surf board behind a boat.

Baby rays, sailing from Punta Mita to La Cruz

 Kathy and Dave sailing toward Puerto Vallarta.
The happy couple working together - when two become one.

The real captain - Kathy
Photo credit: Shell

This is why we call him "Swab"
Gourmet pizza cooked my master chef Kelsey
The crew's praise of master chef Kelsey
Cinnamon rolls - luxury!
Michelada bar is a must on the way home from MEGA.
Cheesecake - Andrew's cooking is progressing rapidly.
Mommy and baby
 John's b-day at La Cruz.

Kelsey picks out a few new books for the passage.
Having some fun with the local kids
Took this photo from the the second story of the taco stand owner's home.
Working hard to feed us.
Changing sails in the blistering heat.
Another taco stand.
Stuffed french toast? Is this a 5- star hotel? Too bad for you, Dawn and Patrick!
Mouth watering.