Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Party on Kia Ora

 Heading to the beach (Kelsey, Andrew, Kathy and Tiffany).
 Tiffany and Kathy freeze frame on their way out to run the beach at Punta Mita.
 Birthday party on Kia Ora for Rob of s/v Red Witch II.  Clockwise:  Kelsey, Dave, John, Tiffany, Rob, Greg, Barbara, Kathy, Stephanie, Rob and Patrick.
 Anne, Greg, Kelsey Greg and Tim.
 Brian, Rob, Dawn, Cori, Kathy, Stephanie, Rob, and Andrew on the tambourine.
 Anne, Barbara, Greg and Greg.
 Diedra, Patrick, Dawn, Greg and Tiffany.  Greg, Tiffany (with Buddy) and Stephanie.

Greg, Tim and John.