Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sailing for the South Pacific soon.

All of our cruising plans are written in sand at low tide, but we're sailing for the South Pacific in the very near future.  The last few days we've been busy loading the boat with supplies for the 2900 nautical mile or 3337 statue miles or 5370 kilometers voyage to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.  No matter which way you measure, it's one of the longer voyages on the planet.

Dave completed this same passage back in April of 2006 so, it's a little easier to cast off the dock lines knowing what to expect.  LightSpeed is also a bit faster than our old La Vie, a Beneteau First 405 so we hope to shave four or five days off our previous 21 day voyage from Puerto Vallarta to the Marquesas.

The addition of Dave's nephew Andrew Bonich (17) and crew member Kelsey Bohanon (19) make for a pretty relaxed watch schedule.   For the voyage we're planning on a 4-4-4-3-3-3-3 watch schedule or four hour watches during daylight hours and three hour watches overnight.  The uneven number of watches each day results in what is know as a 'dogged watch schedule' so the undesirable night watches are spread evenly throughout the voyage. 

We can't say exactly when we'll be heading out, but Andrew arrives tomorrow and Kelsey on Saturday.  Once everyone is settled in and comfortable with the boat we'll start looking at the bigger weather picture for the voyage.