Sunday, March 25, 2012

Staging for our South Pacific Crossing

So we finally made it out of Banderas Bay and have been on the move for the last several days.  First stop, San Blas for a stroll around town and a chance meeting with infamous Norm and Jan Goldie which we followed up with some tasty shrimp tacos, fresa liquados (strawberry milkshakes), churros and some foosball.  With an early morning start from our anchorage in the San Blas estuary we headed toward Isla Isabela in light winds with some decent sailing until early afternoon.  Then the wind shifted and built to the point that we'd arrive after dark so we powered up for the last few hours to Isla Isabela.  Andrew and Kelsey hiked around the island until sunset enjoying the multitude of nesting birds, fluffy new chicks and iguanas.  Getting underway early three days in a row is a bit of record as of late, but the weather looked good for a 230nm sail toward Cabo San Lucas.  After three hours we had to tack after a big 'header' or wind shift altered our course toward the Isla Marias which are Mexican prison islands with a 12nm restriction.  The GRIB or weather file we'd downloaded wasn't agreeing with the observed conditions so we changed our course toward Mazatlan.  Brisk sailing conditions most of the day had us moving well, but on a close reach which isn't nearly as nice as going downwind.  Once in Mazatlan we'll have a much better sailing angle to Cabo, our intended jumping off point for the South Pacific.    Preparation wise all that remains is provisioning with fresh fruits and vegetables and we are ready to go.