Saturday, April 07, 2012

Day 4 Mexico to the Marquesas

March 7, 2012
Position at 0400UTC: 19°17.96'N 110°48.46'W
Day 4: Mexico to Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

We're still at Isla Benidicto about 230nm South of Cabo San Lucas and really enjoying our time here.

The plan is to set sail tomorrow if the early morning weather checks reconfirm our understanding of the conditions we might hope to expect on our way towards the equator about 1650nm to the South West. From there we'll head due South across the ITCZ and then when we pick up the SE trades sail directly for the Marquesas.

Snorkeling here at Benidcito is amazing to say the least. We wish we'd have discovered this island group sooner as one could easily spend weeks anchored here. Huge Manta rays cruise through the anchorage and around us nearly every time we jump in the water. Kathy made an attempt at riding one, but quickly got bucked off with a few scrapes on her hands to as proof. Our friends on s/v Blue Rodeo spent 20+ minutes in close interaction with a super huge Mantas and got some amazing rides as they were on SCUBA. According to my free diving watch I made about 55 long breath hold dives today anywhere from 28' to 61', Andrew is progressing quickly and is already down to 31' and will be diving much deeper soon.

Besides snorkeling we made a quick beach landing through huge crashing surf to explore Benidictos volcanic flanks consisting of pumice and ash, tried to swim with humpback whales, but couldn't get close enough to seem them in the water and even jumped off a few cliffs up to 30' high into foaming white water crashing against the cliffs below. While snorkeling we enjoyed whale songs reverberated through the water with astounding clarity, spotted turtles and tons of colorful fish and corals.

Everyone is pretty beat after a long day of fun in the sun.

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