Monday, April 02, 2012

Fun at Frailes, Fishing and Hiking.

 Shell looking for birds while Kathy stands watch in the early morning hours of our crossing from Mazatlan to Frailes on the Baja.
 Sunrise midway across the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
 Andrew checking the sails as Kelsey keeps a sharp lookout for whales.
 Kathy putting on shoes for a hike at the Frailes anchorage. 
 Vista part way up the hill
 Andrew on the top looking south towards Cabo San Lucas some 45nm distant.

 Kathy cleaning the bottom of LightSpeed.
Kelsey sets the hook.  Since fish seem to only bite when flying the kite (spinnaker) we got lots of practice launching and dousing the kite today with three hook ups throughout the morning. 
 A fifty six inch Wahoo weighing forty two pounds. 
 OMG the fish came alive and is eating Kelsey's hand!!!
 Just kidding.
 Getting ready to clean the beast.
 Andrew curling the Wahoo for a small workout.
 Filleting the fish is no small task.
Catching up with cruising friends at Frailes.
 Sea Lions
 View from the top of the rock at the Frailes anchorage.
 Don't try this at home.  Dave rides the outboard on the way back from a successful whale watching expedition.

 Breach after breach.

 After breach.
 And even more breaches from about 100' to 200' a super cool experience.
 The 'Gun' our tiny 2.2 oz spinnaker in 22 knots true with surfs to 13.3 knots with Kelsey at the helm.  This is the only sail up!  I guess LightSpeed still sails despite the huge amount of provisions aboard.
 Wahoo at close quarters.
Arch at Cabo.... Dave's least favorite anchorage in Mexico due to all the jet skis, Loud DJ's etc.