Sunday, April 01, 2012

Great day on the Baja.

Getting staged for our Pacific crossing, we sailed 160nm from Mazatlan to Frailes anchorage on the Baja peninsula yesterday. Bumped into our Marquesas bound friends Ed and Fran aboard s/v Aka and it was great to discuss the weather and swell forecasts with these well seasoned sailing veterans. The weather is looking decent to set sail for the Marquesas on the 3rd or 4th giving us time to enjoy a great day at Frailes.

Started today with some French toast then climbed the hill near the anchorage. Kelsey and Andrew hit the summit in a brisk 25 minutes while Kathy and Dave took a more leisurely 37 minutes enjoying the many vistas and snapping some great photos. Kelsey led the charge back to the dinghy at a clip that shows her hyper extended knee injury from her first days in Mexico is healing nicely.

Heading back to the boat and ready for a swim after the hot hike the whole crew pitched in to give LightSpeed's bottom a good scrub. After lunch and a nap, we spotted some breaching whales just off shore and spent a half hour watching them breach from as little as 100' from our dinghy. Very cool.

Back from the whale watching, we headed to the beach to set up our volleyball net. Scrounging some sticks we set up the standard on one end with two sticks lashed together, and the other end was supported with our boat hook. The beach sand was deep so traction to get to the ball was in short supply, but the smooth sand made for pretty soft landings. The four of us played at least four games to 21, each time changing the teams up until we had a good match. Great fun! After the game we swam back to to the boat to wash off the sand.

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