Monday, May 28, 2012

Daniel's Bay, Nuka Hiva Marquesas waterfall hike

 Ann, Bob Kathy and Dave with a 900' waterfall in the background.
 Local hospitality was unmatched .

 One of the many jungle stream crossings on the way to the falls
 Kathy and her new hand carved boars tusk necklace.

 Cool carved table.

LIGHTSPEED at anchor in Daniels Bay under a spectacular rainbow.

Daniel's Bay or Hakatea is the beautiful bay where Survivor Marquesas was filmed in 2002.  Sadly, Daniel the namesake of the bay has passed since our last visit in 2006. 
The jungle hike to the 900 foot waterfall is spectacular as the trail meanders through the ancient Marquesas ruins.  Bob and Ann of s/v Charisma joined us for the day of exploration.  Along the path we met several local families whom welcomed us into their homes, fed us and gifted us more fresh fruit than we could carry back to the boat.  A spectacular outing.

During our several day stay at Daniel's Bay we also enjoyed an evening aboard John and Lisa's s/v Orcinius.  On two evenings many of the cruisers met up on Survivor beach for a bonfire.  On each occasion Kathy prepared a dinner we could cook over the fire including a desert of roasted bananas filled with marshmallow and chocolate.

The last few days we've been hanging out in Baie Taiohae enjoying surfing the internet between adventures ashore.  Today we sail for my personal favorite Baie D'Anaho on the NE corner of Nuka Hiva.  This is where we went goat hunting with the local boys on my last visit in 2006.