Thursday, May 03, 2012

Poisson cru

May 3, 2012
Position: 09°54.5'S 139°06' W
Baie Hanamoena, Isla Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean.

Enjoying lots of activities here in Baie Hanamoena. On our way from a neighboring bay, we did some fishing and landed a nice tuna. We also had a huge Wahoo on our hand line, but it was too big and broke off the lure when it bolted for the deep. Spent some time in each of the two villages to the south to visit archeological sites and in the second village to buy some eggs and fresh baguettes. Tahuata is a pretty big island with a population of only 600, so as you can imagine shopping is pretty sparse. It took scouring both villages to find a carton of eggs and when we did, it was stamped with use by of April 30, 2012. The eggs although un-refrigerated are still fine and we are happy to have them. In contrast, fruit trees abound in the villages with limes, oranges, mango, papaya and bread fruit at every turn.

Here in uninhabited Baie Hanamoena, if you walk back into the jungle behind the white sand beach you'll find wild lime trees growing in abundance, but if you decide to pick some watch out for the thorny branches. Coconuts are everywhere and I think we all drank the water of at least four green coconuts EACH today as we played at the beach. Ocean water is 85.1F which is pretty nice, but nearing the limit of too warm to be refreshing, but a nice respite from the 90F we generally have inside the boat during the day. On the beach we husked a few mature coconuts then shredded the succulent meat with our homemade coconut scrapper and wrung the coconut milk out of the scrapings. One coconut equals about 1 cup of cream and cost nearly an equal amount of sweat equity in a very labor intensive process. The coconut cream is delicious and a wonderful addition to rice, curried plantain and now a local specialty, poisson cru.

Poisson cru is a local dish combining freshly caught tuna, with finely diced vegetables coconut cream and lime.

Our recipe for Poisson cru:
Cut fresh tuna into 1/2" cubes and marinate in juice of bright green limes until slightly opaque. Drain lime juice and discard.
Combine tuna with a equal part of finely diced vegetables (onion, tomatoes and garlic, bell peppers, and cucumber combination or the like).
Mix fish and vegetables in a non-metallic bowl with a wooden spoon.
Cover mixture with coconut cream and refrigerate until chilled (1-2 hours), but not so long that the coconut cream sets.


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