Friday, June 22, 2012

A little closer to 'Sailng the farm'. Building a solar fruit drier

A big thanks to our Oregon sailing friends Jasmine and Shannon whose example of living off the grid has been an inspiration.  Lending us a rare out of print copy of Sailing the Farm: A Survival Guide to Homesteading on the Ocean by Ken Neumeyer was a real gift as it's helped us get to the next level of self sufficiency.  From pressure canning, sprouting, drying fish to our newest pursuit drying fruit in a solar fruit drier.
 Dave cutting the drying rack frames.
 Slicing mangos.
 Solar drier with 8 screened racks.
 Loading in the slices of mango.
 Mango madness in the galley.
 A peek inside the drier through a screened vent at the top.
Solar fruit drier in action aboard s/v LightSpeed at Ua Pou, Marquesas French Polynesia South Pacific.