Friday, July 06, 2012

Raroia to Makemo med moor

 LightSpeed tied to the pier with a stern anchor out at Makemo atoll.

July 6, 2012
Makemo Atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean
Med moored to Pouheva Wharf: 16°37.5696 S 143°34.1518 W

We had a great sail yesterday from Raroia to Makemo. The first half was mostly a spinnaker run and the second half a very comfortable beam reach with speeds hitting 9 knots in only 16 knots of true wind. We arrived at Passe Arkitamiro a little before three, with the sun behind us it was easy to line up on the range markers and ride the 3 knot flood tide into the lagoon. Good thing as our chart for this area has zero detail. Once inside we found our friend Henrick aboard s/v Misty, sailed by to say hi, and then med moored to the huge new pier at the village of Pouheva. The pier extends from shore to the South and provides pretty good protection from wind chop from the North to East to South. LightSpeed is med moored head to the pier with the stern anchor well set in the bright white sand. Within minutes of getting the boat secured a large contingent of kids gathered on the pier keeping us entertained with all sorts of antics, dives and flips into the water, the boys imitating TV wrestler moves, kids fishing and kids paddling an old wind surf board like it's an outrigger canoe. Lots of locals have also been walking, riding bikes and some even driving their trucks by to check out the new arrivals.

Kathy went for a swim and encountered a big bulky Grey shark in the shallow waters.

It was reported that internet from a MANA hotspot was available on the pier, but we were not able to pick up the signal even with our mast mounted 15dbi omni directional WIFI antenna. We hope we can find a connection ashore to upload a few photos from the latest adventures.