Thursday, August 02, 2012

Opunohu Bay, Moorea

August 2, 2012
Anchored position: 17°29.3497 S 149°51.0176 W

 Track from Tahiti to Moorea

Opunohu Bay Moorea, French Polynesia, South Pacific.

Anchored near the entrance to Opunohu Bay in 5 meters on bright white sand and sparkling waters. Despite being a little more populated and busy Moorea sure does have a serene feel with striking rugged peaks with 'Sharks Tooth' dominating the skyline. A cruise ship pulled into the bay today, so we headed toward the wharf at Papetoai Village where once ashore we mingled with the cruise ship guests to gain access to a free shuttle ride three miles towards a grocery store. On the way back we were offered a ride without even having to stick out our thumb and hitchhike. The water is super clear and nice so we did a little boat maintenance this afternoon scrubbing the waterline to rid it of some grime we picked up over at Tahiti. I also took advantage of the clean waters to run our water maker for a few hours.

Yesterday we sailed from Tahiti to Moorea as strong Southerly winds were making the anchorage off Marina Taina less than ideal. It's only a 15 nautical mile sail across to Moorea so an easy sail back to Tahiti later on. We met Doug and Zuleika of s/v La Luz hailing from Panama and invited them over for a Mahi Mahi dinner aboard s/v LightSpeed. These two are REAL sailors having made the transit in a 26' flush decked sloop.

Speaking of real sailors we recently met 16 year old Laura Dekker who not so long ago became the youngest person to complete a solo circumnavigation. Laura finished her voyage in the Caribbean and having a true passion for sailing is now on her way to New Zealand, just for fun. Very cool!

A few days ago we had a French Polyneisa Veterinarian aboard to get a RFID chip installed in our cat 'Shell' at the same time we also repeated all the vaccinations we had done in Mexico. If you're taking a pet cat to New Zealand none of the previous vaccinations count for anything if your cat doesn't have an ISO standard RFID chip. The 'Boat Call' by the vet cost 2200XPF or something like $230USD. If you're a cruiser headed to New Zealand with a pet you really need to do your homework. We plan to blog more on the topic as we more fully understand the process.

That's it for now.