Monday, December 03, 2012

EDIT: Cruiser social scene in American Samoa

December 3, 2012
Pago Pago, American Samoa

Fifteen boats are calling Pago Pago home for the 2012/2013 cyclone season.

For Thanksgiving Gil and Kathy of s/v Endorfin hosted a 35 person feast at their rental home near the LBJ hospital.  Gil and Kathy sailed into Pago last season and Gil found a job helping the local water authority to eradicate e-coli contamination from some of the drinking water sources here on American Samoa.  Good folks.

The semi permanence of dropping the anchor for many months create a stronger sense of community beyond the more casual and flirting friendships of more transient anchorages.  I've been helping Doug on s/v Windcastle with a webpage to help sell his boat, Shane on s/v Clover and Fred on s/v Songline have been tremendously helpful in building our new mooring and today I'll be helping Shane to partially remove his engine to get at a broken bolt on his 53 year old Atomic 4 engine.

Yesterday we had a 80th birthday celebration for Doug of s/v Windcastle hosted at Jerry and Gracie's apartment  near the wharf that overlooks their s/v Pacific High.  A few days ago Jerry invited Fred and I to go fishing for the day in hopes of landing a few fresh fish for the birthday party.  Despite getting up at 4AM and fishing until 3PM we got skunked.  We had 5 solid bites, but couldn't seem to land a fish.

A few days previous Kathy organised a all day hike across the island with Cinda, Fred and the other Kathy. It seems we're always on the go and enjoying are time with a great group of cruisers.

For the 2012/2013 cyclone season you'll find the following boats moored at the head of Pago Pago Harbor.
s/v Windryder
s/v Mariane
s/v Barabrella
s/v Endorfin
s/v Altair
s/v Sidetrack
s/v Worldwind
s/v Leeway
s/v Passion
s/v Clover
s/v Panacea
s/v Songline
s/v Windcastle
s/v Pacific High
s/v LightSpeed
s/v No Name a small Choylee.
s/v Idependance is heading to Tonga
and one dismasted french catamaran is headed to French Polynesia when they get the mast back up.

Anchor symbols indicate anchored boats and sailboat symbols indicated boats on moorings.